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Cross Country Ski Boots

$111.96 - $139.95 $139.95 Up to 20% Off
Designed for touring enthusiasts eager to explore the outdoors, Salomon's Escape touring boots provide superior comfort and enough grip when walking. Made entirely of 100% PVC FREE, the boot features a waterproof zipper and lace cover to protect your feet from snow, while the anatomical touring fit increases your all-day comfort. SKIING STYLE: Classic Master diagonal strides on all terrains with Classic equipment: Long, grippy Classic Skis for reliable traction. Flexible Boots for effective striding. Stable Bindings for controlled pivoting. Elevate your classic skiing journey! Embark on your cross-country journey with our beginner-friendly gear. Designed for easy learning and stability, our skis provide smooth glides. Comfortable boots offer support, while simple bindings ensure secure control. Elevate your skills with gear that grows with you. Indulge in comfort and warmth with our wide width Nordic boots. Designed for a roomier fit, these boots offer enhanced insulation and coziness. Ideal for skiers prioritizing comfort during extended outings. Elevate your enjoyment and endurance with boots that provide the space you need for longer adventures. Elevate performance with Prolink. Ideal for racing, endurance, and touring. Seamless power transfer, control, and precision. Lightweight design, responsive feel. Gear designed to match your ambition. WEIGHT: 0.81KG FEATURES & FABRICS: - PVC free: A totally PVC-free construction in accordance to Salomon's Play Minded program. -105 Touring Fit: Generous anatomical shape for maximum comfort and warmth. - Waterproof Zipper: Designed to better protect your feet from snow and water, this waterproof zipper covers the laces and ensures your feet stay dry longer. - Touring Flex: Specific flex for touring skiers, with a natural forefoot rolling. - Thermo-formed heel counter: Thermo-formed reinforcement for more stability and comfort. - Touring: Comfort and warmth. - Regular Lace: Standard footwear laces to adjust the boots. - PROLINK Touring: Stable, easy walking outsole providing the optimum balance between flex and torsional rigidity. Specific polymer ensures good grip and durability.
$159.96 - $229.95 $199.95 - $249.99 Up to 20% Off
Designed as the perfect boot for exploring your winter surroundings both in and out of track, this boot combines the warmth of a Thinsulate liner with a SensiFit construction that precisely wraps your foot, providing a tailored fit to the touring last. Warm comfort fit The touring last and SensiFit™ system precisely wrap your foot for instant comfort, while the Thinsulate™ lining offers great protection from the cold so you can ski longer. Robustness A special vamp material with high resistance to abrasion ensures durability and protection from the ski edges when needed, making this boot a long-lasting choice. Snow protection The full gaiter construction protects you from the snow and allows you to venture off-track while staying dry and warm.
$239.99 - $299.99 $299.99 Up to 20% Off
The Pro Combi boot is ideal for new multi-discipline racers. The progressive lateral support and flexible sole make it the perfect boot for both skating and classic. Versatility - Energyzer cuff gives you good lateral support for skating. The sole is flexible for classic. Lateral Support - Progressive lateral support offers efficient transmission without sacrificing snow feel. Precise Fit - Sensifit with a dissociated quick lace wraps precisely around your foot, and allows independent adjustment to forefoot and midfoot, making this wider last comfortable for every foot.
$207.96 - $259.95 $259.95 Up to 20% Off
The Pro Combi boot is ideal for new multi-discipline racers. The progressive lateral support and flexible sole make it the perfect boot for both skating and classic. BENEFITS Versatility The Energyzer cuff provides strong lateral ankle support for skating while the flexible sole delivers the enhanced snow feel needed for classic. Lateral support Progressive lateral support offers efficient power transmission without sacrificing snow-feel, so you can ski longer with less fatigue. Precise fit SensiFit™ with dissociated Quicklace™ adjustment allows for precise wrapping of the forefoot and upper foot making the performance fit comfortable for everyone. FEATURES: ENVELOPMENT: Sensifit - Providing extremely precise and comfortable foothold to feet ranging from narrow to wide. HEEL ADJUSTMENT: Adjustable Heel Strap - Adjustment strap around the back of the heel for precise heel hold, comfort, and performance. LACING: Dissociated Quicklace - Salomon's patented technology, the dissociated lacing system allows adjustment of forefoot or upper foot tightening by pulling different parts of the Quicklace™. CHASSIS: Combi Flex - Ideal ratio between torsion rigidity and forefoot rolling to practice both skating and classic. CHASSIS: 3D Skate - Injected plastic chassis, allows heel support and good torsional rigidity to optimize power transfer. CUFF: Performance Energyzer - Lateral support and transmission associated with the 3D skate heel counter provide excellent support for combi boots and allow ankle freedom for classic. LAST: 102 Performance Fit - Medium volume for a maximum foothold, high comfort, and precise fit. OUTSOLE: PROLINK Racing skate - This racing outsole with a low profile offers abrasion resistance and rigidity, maximizes power transfer, and delivers exceptional snow feeling and torsional rigidity for skating. FIT: Custom Fit - Combination of comfort foam, thermo-moldable foam, and lycra provide ultimate fit and comfort to every foot's morphology. INSOLE - Endurance
$239.99 - $299.99 $299.99 Up to 20% Off
RS8 PROLINK combines superior comfort with an Energyzer cuff for powerful yet progressive lateral support. It's a great choice for enthusiasts who want proven performance and value. Compatible with Prolink, NNN, and Turnamic bindings. Lateral Support - Energyzer cuff provides powerful and progressive lateral support, transferring your energy into speed with every stride. Performance Fit - Sensifit, quicklace, and a slightly wider last deliver Salomon's legendary snug, comfortable fit. Progressive Back Support - Energyzer provides progressive ankle support, reduces muscle fatigue and helps you maintain the right balance.
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