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Staying Safe On Your Electric Bike

Electric bikes offer the same joy and fitness as a traditional bike - but the electric assistance can propel you at speeds you might not be used to and have extra features worth understanding. Please take a moment to review this important safety information, and ask our team any questions you might have about electric bike ownership.

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Get to Know Your Bike

First things first: read the manual. Electric bikes require a bit more know-how about using the equipment safely. You’ll want to be aware of the different pedal assist modes, how to control them, and what’s suggested for each pre-ride safety check. Testing out your electric bike in an empty parking lot is a great way to get a feel for things. Let us know any questions you might have.

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Navigating Traffic & Pedestrians

Flying down a road, trail, or path with the power of an electric bike will surely put a smile on your face - but it’s important to understand the difference in speed between you and other travelers. You are traveling much faster than dog walkers or runners. Some drivers may not expect that you are moving faster than the typical cyclist they encounter. Caution is key - always obey traffic laws as you would on a regular bike or in a car. Cyclists get tickets, too!

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Wear Your Helmet

A properly fitted helmet to protect your head, inside and out, is crucial when riding an electric bike. Taking a tumble on any bike is dangerous, but especially at the higher speeds electric bikes can enable. Helmets with reflective strips improve your visibility on the road, helping motorists see you. Replace your helmet every few years or after any impact.

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Watch The Kids

Electric bikes often make it easier for you to transport young children on the back or in a trailer. It goes without saying - use extra caution. Some manufactures and some jurisdictions allow youths to ride electric bikes. But it is critically important for parents to educate and always reinforce the need for safe and controlled riding. Operating any vehicle with a motor can be dangerous. We want you and your family to be safe.

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Take Care With Speed

Electric bikes may help you travel faster than your previous bike. Take the time to practice before you venture out. Try different modes. Get used to when the motor kicks in. Experiment with controlled cornering and braking. And remember, always watch for pedestrians, pets, obstructions, and signage when you ride.

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Regular Maintenance

Like any bicycle, regular maintenance is essential for safe operation. Before your ride make sure to check your tire pressure, test your brakes, and follow any other manufacturer recommendations. Visit us periodically for inspection and professional service or repair.

Know Your Battery

Not all electric bike batteries are the same. Different voltages provide different ranges and speed maximums on electric bikes - a 36 volt battery will have a lower capacity than a 52 volt battery. Being mindful about battery practices is the best way to stay safe.

  • Don’t overcharge your battery
  • Use the charger provided by the manufacturer
  • Monitor your battery as it charges
  • Store the battery in a safe, cool place when not in use
  • Don’t tamper with the battery or system configurations like power/speed regulators
  • Keep Class 3 fire extinguisher near where you store your battery
  • If issues arise, take your bike to the shop for an assessment

Know the Laws and Regulations

Each jurisdiction has different rules that apply to electric bikes. That may include regulations for youths, public roads, bike lanes, multi-use paths, or off-road trails. For your safety, and the safety of those around you, please understand where and how you can use electric bikes in your area.

A Great Resource for Learning

PeopleForBikes is an organization working at local, state, and national levels to make cycling safer and more accessible. They offer a wealth of resources to learn more about everything we’ve shared here and much more. Learn about the different classes of electric bikes, safety, and regulations.

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