Bow Open Spaces Fall Trails Update

Many thanks to Trails Committee member and BHS student, Evelyn Hatem, for helping us convert our Trails Update to Constant Contact. Now you can easily subscribe, unsubscribe, change your e-mail address, etc.

Happy Trails from your Bow Open Spaces Trails Committee: Ann, Becca, Charly, Evelyn, Harry, Hilary, Sarah, Trish, and Selectman Mike Wayne

Trail Care Day- October 13!


Celebrate fall by giving a little love to the trails you enjoy so much! Saturday, October 13 (Rain date: Sunday, October 14)

A great opportunity to have fun, meet other trail users and learn about all things trails!

Activities include easy brush trimming (Nottingcook, Knox, School Forests), painting trail markers on trees (School Forest), applying anti-slip material to bridges (Knox and School Forests), staining part of kiosk (Branch Londonderry Turnpike), sidehilling (bench cutting) on Miss Putney, improving bridge access (Miss Putney), etc.

Where: if you want to trim back Nottingcook Forest trails, meet Bob Dawkins at the Woodhill Hooksett trailhead kiosk (off Bow Bog Road), 9:30-11:30 AM. Bring a snack, beverage, gloves, as well as some tree trimming tools: loppers, pole trimmer, etc.

For all other activities, meet at the Community Building/ Town Pond, 10 AM-12 noon. Bring a snack, beverage, gloves, as well as some of the following tools: saw, hammer, tin snips/wire cutters, loppers, pole trimmer, and/or other tree trimming tools, etc.

For more information or to tell us you plan to come, contact Hilary Warner (223-9940 call/text)

We need your help!


Have you ever thought about how the Bow trails have come to be what they are? Everything about them is 98% due to the efforts of volunteers- people who love trails. Trails, bridges, maps, blazes, signs, this newsletter- 98% volunteer.

After almost 20 years of working on trails, Hilary and Jeff Warner are ready for a change. That means the Trails Committee needs you, and others like you, more than ever to help out in any way you can- small, medium, and large efforts are all needed and welcome. In addition to replacing Hilary and Jeff, we would like to add a few people who like committee work to our committee. And there is plenty to do for those who don't care for committees.

Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Run meetings and keep things moving forward (we've been meeting every few months/as needed on a Tuesday at 5:30). Next meeting is November 13.

  2. Take the lead on trail maintenance including seeing the Robertson Trail wet section to a solution

  3. Coordinate Trail Care Days (~2/year)

  4. Host/lead walks, mountain bike rides, snowshoe outings, etc

  5. Collaborate with Town Manager's office and Bow Open Spaces to optimize website info about trails and recreation

  6. Find a can of dark brown stain in your basement for a kiosk repair

  7. Apply said stain to repaired part of kiosk

  8. Send out this Constant Contact Trails Update periodically

  9. Join Bow Open Spaces and the Bow Pioneers snowmobile club

  10. Make donations to Bow Open Spaces and the Bow Pioneers

  11. Use loppers to trim back branches that are encroaching on your favorite trail

  12. Learn the technique for side hilling/ bench cutting and get together with some other strong people to create a tread on side sloping trails

  13. Help publicize trail related events

  14. Do a trail inventory of your favorite trail fall and spring and report your findings to the Committee

  15. Monitor boundaries of Town properties with a Bow Open Spaces easement- not exactly a trail activity but one that is needed by Bow Open Spaces

  16. Take photos of trail and forest related activities so we have more to choose from when creating things like this newsletter

  17. Engage in the Bow Open Spaces Facebook page

Many hands make light work AND allow everyone to spend more time outside!

Bridge Needs Help, Too!

School Forest bridge- rotting- low res.jpg

Recognize this bridge? It sees a lot of traffic in the School Forest- and has seen better days. It's a snowmobile bridge so we've been talking with the Bow Pioneers about how to get it fixed. It's an interesting situation if you really think about it: a snowmobile bridge used year 'round by many different types of users, in a forest owned by the school district that Bow Open Spaces doesn't have any relationship with. Yet, with the Bow Pioneers taking the lead, trail enthusiasts will unite to see that it is repaired. The first estimate that has been tossed out is $1,100.

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Bow Open Spaces Trails Committee -

Nick Edgar