Congrats to all our riders at the Pats Peak Mountain Bike Festival!


As usual we had a great time at the 17th Annual Pats Peak Mountain Bike Festival, thank you to everyone who visited us at the tent this past weekend! We couldn't have asked for a better two days--the weather cooperated, the temperature was just right, and there weren't too many mosquitoes out there in the woods. 

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This year there were over 200 participants taking part in the 3 main races of the festival. The 6/12/24 hour race is the main event of the weekend and starts at noon on Saturday. Racers would be competing for either 6, 12 or 24 hours, doing laps on the main race course as either solo or two person teams. The course itself is a 7.1 mile circuit around Pats Peak with 897 feet of vertical climb per lap and 34 bridges that take riders over 800 feet of scenic streams, swamps and the slightly more rougher elements.

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The other two events of the weekend are the Cross Country race on Sunday, which uses the same course (but are timed on the speed they can complete a set amount of laps) and the Downhill Thrill. That race is a downhill time trial which uses two of its own courses that converge at the bottom to the finish line.

Out of the 10 categories and 56 podiums in those three races, two S&W riders were able to bring home the gold--but really all our riders deserve credit for getting out there and doing their thing!

18-0609p pp bike race  04.jpg

Most of our riders would be competing Sunday but Alan and Sandy Smith with Team Angelina's would be amongst the first group to go out on Day 1. They would be competing in the "6 Hour 2 Person Co-Ed" category and were the ONLY tandem mountain bikers to compete all weekend. Alan and Sandy have been riding tandem for 10+ years and have been racing tandem for about five. 

On day two Andrew Driscoll had a combined 4 minutes 43.36 seconds of both runs in the Downhill Thrill and would take home 1st in the "14 and Under" category. We also had another gold in the x-country "Expert Men 50+" cat with Richard Dennison completing 3 laps in 2 hours 6 minutes and 40 seconds. 

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated this weekend, it was a great weekend and we would also like to thank all of the great sponsors who make this event happen, the Pats Peak Mountain Bike Festival simply would not be able to run without their help and we hope to see you all next year!

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