Photo Contest!

Celebrate "National Opening Day for Trails" (April 7th) by biking, jogging, walking or dog-walking on any New Hampshire Rail Trail, take pictures of your favorite rail trail, then submit\upload your best shots to this Facebook page event, as a "Comment" with the pic included. 

What are the basic details of this event?
This event is a photo contest, the goal of which is to encourage folks to get out & use any rail trail in New Hampshire, on what is known as “Opening Day for Trails”, which is Saturday April 7th, 2018. The “Opening Day for Trails” event originated by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy national organization. Get out & take a picture on any *New Hampshire* Rail Trail, using your phone or any camera, and then post that picture on the NH Rail Trails Coalition Facebook page Photo Contest Event. 

When is it happening? 
Pictures must be taken and posted any time on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 (Cannot post pics that were taken before or after that date.)

Where is it happening? 
You can take your photos on any rail trail in New Hampshire. If the rail trail stretches from New Hampshire into another bordering state, pictures must be taken in New Hampshire. 

What is the purpose of this event? 
To encourage more folks to use New Hampshire’s rail trails for biking, walking, running and dog-walking.

Is it free? 

Who can participate? 
Just about anyone! The only people that are excluded from participating in this event are board members & officers of groups that are involved with organizing this event.

How do we know who are the winners? 
Winners will be chosen in a variety of categories. Stay tuned for updates on this.

When and how will winners be chosen & how will they be announced?
Winners in all categories will be chosen and announced within 1 week after the event. 

How will winners be chosen? 
An elite panel of judges ;-) has been selected from within the various rail trail group organizers, and these folks will choose winners. There is no public ‘voting’. Winners will be chosen based on the most compelling images that the judging panel feels will encourage more users to use the trail more often.

What else do I need to know? 
Some rail trails do allow certain kinds of motorized use during certain times of the year. Some rail trails prohibit all kinds of motorized use. This photo contest includes non-motorized trail use, such as biking, walking, running, and dog-walking. Please note that for trails that do allow some motorized use, photos of motorized trail use are outside of the scope of this photo contest. Check with the rail trail group to determine the types of activities that are allowed on the trail.

What categories of winners will be chosen? 
Currently these categories: Best Family Photo , Best Age-Friendly Photo, Best Dog Walking Photo, Best Running Photo, Best Walking Photo, Best Biking Photo, Best Wildlife Photo. (Got ideas for other categories? Let us know!)

Tim Farmer