Adventure Cycling Bike Travel Weekend, June 3rd and 4th

S&W Sports invites you to join us for Bike Travel Weekend, June 3–4, 2017. This global event will inspire and empower thousands of people to go on a bike overnight to a campground, hotel, B&B, hostel, friend’s house or backyard — all on the same weekend. Last year 11,900 people participated in over 900 trips all over the world! We’re organizing a trip to Bear Brook and welcome anyone interested in a beginner bikepacking overnight. We’ll start at S&W at 6pm and ride approx 12 miles (bring lights!) on Saturday, June 3 and approx 15 miles on Sunday, June 4 back to the shop. Make sure to bring lights, camping gear (bivy/tent/hammock), and your food!

Helmets required of course. The trip will include some pavement, as well as class 6 road and some intermediate level singletrack.

Find out more about Bike Travel Weekend at and respond to if you are interested in joining S&W's trip.

Tim Farmer