Bontrager XR2 Tire mini-review

I've been looking for a new XC/All around tire and had read and heard good things about the Bontrager XR2 (Quadsworth and others). I've got about 250 mostly offroad miles on these and have a good idea of what they are all about. I've been running a 2.35 XR2 up front with a 2.2 XR1 in the back.

First of all in importance for an XC tire is how fast does it roll? This thing is super fast. Even feels fast on pavement, which is pretty tough for a knobby, though the center knobs are low. Second, how does it turn? It's great in everything but deep mud (to be expected). Stable, very predictable, with a great, round shape. I've pushed it in sand, on roots, hero dirt, some mud, and rocks both wet and loose. This thing has been like velcro. 

Lastly, how does it feel? The Team Issue is super supple, feels like a tubular for MTB. The sidewall is holding up really well while not feeling stiff or dead at all. It's comfortable and inspires confidence in almost all conditions. 

250 miles in and besides being dirty the tread looks brand new. Seems to be holding up much better than some of it's racing competitors, while being just as grippy and fast. Pairing the XR2 in front with the lower profile, faster rolling XR1 in back has been great. The XR1 rolls crazy fast and has surprising grip. I'm very excited to get some more big off-road miles on these.

If you're trying to find a fast all-around XC tire this is definitely one to consider.

Tim Farmer