Bicycle repair and hydraulic service

 S&W Sports will service almost any type of bicycle, regardless of where it was purchased.

If you have any questions about our service or if your bike has technical issues outside of those listed below, please give us a call or stop by for the most accurate estimate.

In our commitment to maintain efficient and quality labor, we require payment in advance for all service orders to ensure items are picked up in a timely manner. We guarantee all our work for 30 days.

Thank you!

* Unless noted, prices do not include parts necessary to complete the service. 

Bicycle Services

Install Tire/Tube
     Wheels on Bike $10 ea
     Wheels off Bike $7 ea
     Sew up Tires (includes glue) $40 ea
Install Cable (cable extra)
     Externally Routed $10 ea
     Internally Routed $20 ea
Adjust Hand Brakes (wheels may need truing) $10 ea
True Wheel ($2 per spoke replaced) $16 ea
Adjust Deraileurs $28 per pair
Adjust Hub $12 ea
Overhaul Hubs
     Front $25
     Freewheel/Cassette Rear $28
     Coaster $30
     3 Speed Internal Hub $90
Adjust Headset or Bottom Bracket $15 ea
Overhaul Headset or Bottom Bracket $30 ea
True Read Dropout (Heli-Coil $15 extra) starting at $25
True Fork or Frame starting at $50
Assemble Bike Not Purchased Here starting at $75
Box Bike for Shipping (box included, shipping is not) $80
Install Accessories
     Saddle, Water Bottle, Pump $5 ea
     Computer, Rear Track, Training Wheels, Toe Clips $10 ea
     Child Seats, Full Fenders $15 ea

Hydraulic Services

50 Hours includes replacing dust seals (wipers), oil change, new foam rings $69.99
100 Hours, includes 50 Hour Service PLUS damper and spring rebuild $99.99
50 Hours air can rebuild includes replacing seals, cleaning and lube $99.99
100 Hours includes 50 Hour Service PLUS damper rebuild $160.00
(Note: most rear Fox shoe need to be sent out for 100 hour factory services)
50 Hours includes check and replace needed seals, lever bleed $49.99
100 Hours includes 50 Hour Service and more extensive seal replacement (internals) and post bleed (full rebuild) $69.99
Basic includes pad replacement and bleeding front and rear
Lever and caliper rebuilds (including seals, bleed and parts) and other services available upon request.
$35.00 (single)
$60.00 (pair)

(Sram, avid and Rockshox carry a 2 year Manufacturers warranty on all products as long as service intervals are met.)