S&W Sports foundation was cast in 1976 on a quiet street corner in the heart of Concord, New Hampshire. We were then, as we are today, a community sporting goods store. Community is not just a neighborhood, it is a sense of family, an understanding of your neighbors, and their needs. This understanding is what made us, and will continue to make us thrive in a too impersonal, detached retail environment.

We are committed to getting to know our customers. This experience creates lasting relationships that can not be found in big box stores or the abyss of electronic sales. Our customers are more than a profile in a data base, they are part of our fabric, legacy and future. We must never lose sight of what made us who we are today. We must never stop thinking of how we can provide quality products and service to our customers.

We will never miss out on that joy a new bicycle or that first pair of skis brings to that fun loving spirit; the spirit that fuels our S&W Team!

Tim Farmer