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34th Annual Killer Bee Waterville Valley ride



The Ride This year’s (34th annual!) Waterville Valley Ride will take place April 28 (East Concord to Waterville Valley) and April 29 (return). As in years past, we will be staying at the Snowy Owl Inn, and have again been promised a hearty and diverse menu for our Saturday evening buffet dinner at the Waterville Valley Conference Center. Please read this description of the 2018 Ride carefully, as there are a number of changes from previous years.

Departure Point Take I-93 North to Exit 16; turn right at the top of the exit ramp; proceed straight through the next intersection (Mobil Station) up the hill (Shawmut Street) for 3.2 miles. GPS: 263 Oak Hill Road, Concord NH 03301. Typically, after checking in for the Ride, riders leave between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. The last departing sag wagon carrying luggage will leave at 9:30 a.m., and any riders leaving after that time will be responsible for getting their own luggage to the Snowy Owl.

As in the past, this year's “package” will include: 1) sag wagon support up and back; 2) cold (or hot, as appropriate) “porch drinks” upon arrival at the Snowy Owl; 3) Killer Bee social hour (cash bar); 4) Saturday evening buffet dinner (with awards, door prizes, etc.); 5) entry in the post-dinner raffle (including for the S&W Sports 2018 Trek Domane); 6) Snowy Owl overnight lodgings; and 7) Sunday morning getaway breakfast.

The Tariff

1) adult: Saturday bike up only (includes Snowy Owl reception) $ 60

2) adult: no bike up, Snowy Owl reception and buffet dinner $ 70

3) adult: bike up, Snowy Owl reception and buffet dinner $ 100

4) adult: no bike up, Snowy Owl reception, buffet dinner and overnight $ 140

5) adult: bike up and back, Snowy Owl reception, buffet dinner and overnight $ 170

6) child (16 or under): Saturday bike up only (includes reception) $ 15

7) child: no bike up, reception and buffet dinner $ 30

8) child: bike up, Snowy Owl reception and buffet dinner $ 50

9) child: no bike up, reception, buffet dinner and overnight $ 65

10) child: bike up and back, Snowy Owl reception, buffet dinner and overnight $ 80

11) other combinations? - please check with me Single Room Option In response to popular demand, we have again set aside a limited number of rooms that may be taken up as “single” rooms (i.e., ONE PERSON ONLY). All included cost: $190. These rooms are not subject to the 15% “Early Bird” discount (see below), and may be reserved strictly on a “first come, first served” basis. Early Bird Discount Late registrations complicate immensely the smooth administration of the Ride, including in particular the process of reserving Snowy Owl rooms and meals for the Saturday evening dinner. Accordingly, again this year ALL REGISTRANTS WHOSE CHECKS ARE SENT (POSTMARKED) BY MARCH 15 MAY DEDUCT 15% FROM THE RATES SET FORTH ABOVE (discount not available for “Single Room Option”). If the Ride is cancelled because of inclement weather or for any other reason -- which has happened only once in 33 years! -- all checks will be returned.

Participants registering after April 1 cannot be assured of overnight accommodations at the Snowy Owl, because we have a limited number of rooms reserved. When those rooms have been filled, we are not likely to be able to reserve additional rooms.

How to Register

If you plan to participate in this year's Ride, send me a confirmation e-mail ( indicating the number and names of the people in your party, as well as the “tariff” categories in which members of your group fall. Please also indicate any rooming preference(s), and forward a check payable to me in the appropriate amount to the following address: Irvin D. Gordon 63 Roberts Road Contoocook NH 03229 PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT OR SEND MONEY TO THE SNOWY OWL, AS ALL ROOMS AND MEALS CHARGES AT THE SNOWY OWL ARE HANDLED THROUGH A SINGLE REGISTRATION, ON A SINGLE CREDIT CARD (MINE).

Sag Wagon Drivers We need 5-6 sag wagon volunteers to drive participants' overnight luggage to the Snowy Owl on Saturday, and back on Sunday. Sag wagon drivers will have $50 of their registration fee refunded, following the loading of vehicles for the Sunday return.


The Ride recognizes annually the youngest, the most “mature,” the fastest, and the most “distant” rider. We will again award the Munro Proctor, Sulloway & Hollis, S&W Sports and Dennise Maslakowski trophies, respectively, recognizing riders in those categories. Support the Ride's Supporters!

Please bear in mind, as you equip yourselves for the Ride, that S&W Sports Shop in Concord (296 South Main Street, Concord NH; 603-228-1441, has for years been a generous supporter of the Ride, and that S&W's very capable staff are eager and willing to assist with your bike and bike-related needs. S&W will, once again this year, donate a (2018) Trek Domane SL5 Shimano 105 carbon fiber road bike for the Saturday evening raffle. Any KB registrant who presents a copy of his/her confirmed registration (see “How to Register” above”) at S&W prior to the Ride is entitled to a 10% (nutrition), 15% (cycling accessories) and 20% (clothing, service) discount at S&W Sports.

Additional 201 8 Event of Interest

As each of you fills in your 2018 calendar of cycling events, please keep in mind that on August 25, 2018 the Hopkinton (N.H.) Rotary Club will stage, for the sixth year, a hill climb time trial event in Warner, NH, utilizing the access road to (and up!) Mt. Kearsarge. For further details regarding this event please consult the event's website at

A Final Request Note that, again this year, I am issuing notice of the Ride via e-mail. I do not, however, have e-mail addresses for all prior years’ participants, or for all people who have indicated an interest in participating in the Ride this year. Therefore, please forward this notice to any family, friends, fellow employees or acquaintances who you think might be interested in participating in the Ride this year. See you April 28!!! Irv Gordon ( 603-344-9641 (cell)