Demo & Rental Bikes

Renting or demoing  a bike is a great way to decide what’s best for you. We provide road, hybrid, and mountain bikes giving you the option of experiencing a variety of styles to fit your upcoming adventure or life-long leap into the sport of biking.  

We encourage you to bring your own pedals, shoes, and helmet to get an accurate fit and enhance your riding experience.

Full Suspension MTB 24 Hour 3+ Days
Trek Fuel EX $65/day $50/day
Trek Remedy $65/day $50/day
Fat Bike 24 Hour 3+ Days
Trek Farley $65/day $50/day
Men/Women's Hybrid 24 Hour 3+ Days
Trek 7.2 FX $35/day $30/day
Men/Women's Road 24 Hour 3+ Days
Trek Madone 3.1 Carbon $35/day $30/day
Accessories 24 Hour 3+ Days
Helmet Rental * $2
Lock Rental $1
Trunk Mount Bike Rack $15 $10/day
Hitch Mount Bike Rack $15 $10/day
Bob Cargo Trailer rental $15

* With bike rental

Bike Travel Case

Ease your mind by renting a bike travel case for your next adventure or out of state race.

Featuring the Thule RoundTrip Travel Case

  • $75 up to 10 days

  • $10/additional day

Terms & Conditions

  • Valid driver’s license and credit card authorization required.

  • One day's rental fee can be applied to new bike purchase within 30 days of rental.

  • Customer will be held liable for damages to the bike due to misuse, neglect, or theft.

  • Availability on a first come, first served basis.